Last Blogpost

This will be the last blog post because my class which required me to do this is ending, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. It was kinda nice sometimes. I’m happy I am going to get a break from school for a bit, this summer I am going to work my butt off so I can not have to work during the school year to keep my grades up. Also since the only person who is going to read this is Crawford I want to thank you for a good school year good and bad. But trust me I’d rather have you again next year than jumping into something new. 12 years a slave is good, Janie sucks, fences is alright. But really I appreciate what you have taught me and hope you have a good summer with your family. @bethtech


Post about my family (week 5)

I live with my dad, my mom is two hours away and it is just him and I. My sister is old and moved out a few years back. My dad is pretty much a normal dad with normal dad interests, he likes football, baseball, nascar, and anything similar. Really hard working guy, has worked his whole life doing auto-glass and co-owns a shop with his buddy. He’s always been there for me, kinda dad that teaches you how to play sports and takes you to practice and buys you a nice bat for your birthday. But two years ago he started getting crippling headaches, he can barely work, barely support himself. Went from being motivated doing everything for everyone to barely getting out of bed in the morning. The guy goes to the hospital once a month and they just tell him there’s nothing they can do. Been to multiple neurologists, all saying they have tried everything they know. It’s getting pretty hard for him to keep going, I can tell. I love him and it just sucks there’s nothing I can do for the only guy that’s looking out for me. It is easy to get mad about it to when I go to school and work 30hr a week and still don’t have money for gas sometimes. But you just have to calm down and think.

Hunger is more common than you think

795 Million or 1 in 9 people in this world do not have enough to eat. More people than you would think are worried about their next meal. In the United States, we worry about eating too much and we often cut meals out of the day to not gain weight when there are people who do not have the option to eat enough.  More Facts:

Ethiopia-Debre-Libanos-Epicenter-Nursery-Students-2012-by-David-Snyder.Large_.jpgWhere is hunger the worst?

Sites you can donate to:

Week 3

All in one post because of lack of time, been working a lot lately and would not like to get kicked out of this challenge.

A song I have been listening to lately is Oxygen by Smino in this song he talks about needing oxygen because he is choking out. With all of the things going on lately this is about how I feel and I can really relate to him. Also if you watch the video his record label has the rights and he will receive the compensation for his work.

Landscape Image: pexels-photo-115045.jpeg

This photo is a stock photo from Pixel.


We walked miles and miles looking for the best views, and they weren’t hard to find. Everywhere we went we could see the beauty of nature in our eyes. I could also see the beauty of her wherever we went. I value her smile and excitement this trip more to me than the trip itself. Seeing her get giddy like a child about this means so much to me and I really believe I’ll be telling this trip to my kids whether they’re her kids or not. We usually fight but there is nothing to fight about here. Something about the animals and the scenery just makes us euphoric. How can you get upset when wherever you look there’s beauty? I really wish this trip could last forever. This is day two out of 14 and this feels like a dream.

I am going to now create a story using just images try to tell it in the comments (These are all stock photos)bird-nest-eggs-blue-158734.jpegpexels-photo-344060.jpeg


Blogs I Visited This Week

When I looked for blogs I looked for people with similar interests. Computers in particular and one random one.

The blogs are in order to how I discuss them. I am not going to post exactly what I said as some are too long, If you go to their posts you can find my comments if they are approved.

The first Blog I went to had a post that reads like I had written it. Same opinions about Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield. He described them both perfectly. Playstyles and how the games work. Awesome post!

The second blog I went to I read about how Beck has traveled to 5 different countries and got to experience so much more than me thus far. I commented about how jealous I was and that I am saving up money to do some traveling myself. So jealous!

The third blog I went to lives in LA which is awesome considering all of the opportunities just from living there. I commented on her “comments post” where she talks about someone’s post who I know personally. Kinda cool seeing someone talk about someone you know who lives in LA.

The last blog I went to had a picture of artwork and them described what they thought the picture was portraying. I have always been really interested in things that can be very vague and the way people interpret them. Cool post, you should check it out.

Blogs I went to(In Order):







How To Comment and A Picture of Cleo

How to comment on my blog, a video made by me:

Comment Guidelines:

I do not really care, as long as it is not derogatory or discriminating it doesn’t matter. It does not even have to be related to the post, you can just write about your day if you’d like. Wouldn’t bother me any. Just don’t comment and check it off the homework list.

Also here is a picture of my dog per request :): Cleo ❤

About me

I am 17, I am a junior in highschool and I work a job. I would say everything I do is pretty normal. I have a puppy named Cleo that is a Pitbull mix. I have pretty long hair for a dude and I put it up most of the time. I work wherever I can I am currently working at Wendy’s, I used to work at a smoothie place prior to this job. In my freetime I build computers, play games or hang out with my friends. My plans for the future aren’t very straightforward. I have always been stuck on college but recently I have been thinking that’s not for me and I need to do something where I can help people.  I am good with computers and software but helping weighs heavier than anything that can be accomplished in that field.