Post about my family (week 5)

I live with my dad, my mom is two hours away and it is just him and I. My sister is old and moved out a few years back. My dad is pretty much a normal dad with normal dad interests, he likes football, baseball, nascar, and anything similar. Really hard working guy, has worked his whole life doing auto-glass and co-owns a shop with his buddy. He’s always been there for me, kinda dad that teaches you how to play sports and takes you to practice and buys you a nice bat for your birthday. But two years ago he started getting crippling headaches, he can barely work, barely support himself. Went from being motivated doing everything for everyone to barely getting out of bed in the morning. The guy goes to the hospital once a month and they just tell him there’s nothing they can do. Been to multiple neurologists, all saying they have tried everything they know. It’s getting pretty hard for him to keep going, I can tell. I love him and it just sucks there’s nothing I can do for the only guy that’s looking out for me. It is easy to get mad about it to when I go to school and work 30hr a week and still don’t have money for gas sometimes. But you just have to calm down and think.



  1. yaboibert · April 26, 2017

    Things will get better I can promise you that


  2. BethCTech · May 5, 2017

    This post makes me sad for you and your dad. I hope it gets better for you soon : (


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