Week 3

All in one post because of lack of time, been working a lot lately and would not like to get kicked out of this challenge.

A song I have been listening to lately is Oxygen by Smino in this song he talks about needing oxygen because he is choking out. With all of the things going on lately this is about how I feel and I can really relate to him. Also if you watch the video his record label has the rights and he will receive the compensation for his work.

Landscape Image: pexels-photo-115045.jpeg

This photo is a stock photo from Pixel.


We walked miles and miles looking for the best views, and they weren’t hard to find. Everywhere we went we could see the beauty of nature in our eyes. I could also see the beauty of her wherever we went. I value her smile and excitement this trip more to me than the trip itself. Seeing her get giddy like a child about this means so much to me and I really believe I’ll be telling this trip to my kids whether they’re her kids or not. We usually fight but there is nothing to fight about here. Something about the animals and the scenery just makes us euphoric. How can you get upset when wherever you look there’s beauty? I really wish this trip could last forever. This is day two out of 14 and this feels like a dream.

I am going to now create a story using just images try to tell it in the comments (These are all stock photos)bird-nest-eggs-blue-158734.jpegpexels-photo-344060.jpeg



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