Blogs I Visited This Week

When I looked for blogs I looked for people with similar interests. Computers in particular and one random one.

The blogs are in order to how I discuss them. I am not going to post exactly what I said as some are too long, If you go to their posts you can find my comments if they are approved.

The first Blog I went to had a post that reads like I had written it. Same opinions about Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield. He described them both perfectly. Playstyles and how the games work. Awesome post!

The second blog I went to I read about how Beck has traveled to 5 different countries and got to experience so much more than me thus far. I commented about how jealous I was and that I am saving up money to do some traveling myself. So jealous!

The third blog I went to lives in LA which is awesome considering all of the opportunities just from living there. I commented on her “comments post” where she talks about someone’s post who I know personally. Kinda cool seeing someone talk about someone you know who lives in LA.

The last blog I went to had a picture of artwork and them described what they thought the picture was portraying. I have always been really interested in things that can be very vague and the way people interpret them. Cool post, you should check it out.

Blogs I went to(In Order):








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